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Roof Inspections

“You can hold this like a roofer” is a century-old phrase that reaches back to a time when roofers knew that nobody would be able to check on their craftsmanship. Luckily, the times have changed. You can now rely on unbiased roof inspections performed by an RCABC-accepted Roof Observer for peace of mind. 

Applied Roofing Science has the knowledge and experience combined with the curiosity and attention to detail to evaluate the condition of your roof.

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QA Observations

Trust is good, but quality control is better! The frequent presence of an IEBC-Registered Roof Observer during the roof installation process plays an essential role in reducing the severity of possible disputes. 

We appreciate that roofing is a tough job. Been there; done that. As such, Applied Roofing Science always maintains a respectful and professional demeanor with our fellow roofers. 

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Roof Consulting

With a clear focus on delivering the most suitable solution, we take the time to get to know our clients to best meet their project needs. Understanding that every project is unique in its own way, we don’t practise a “copy & paste” culture. 

Concretely written specifications and specifically selected materials provide the foundation for a long-lasting, functioning roofing system that gets completed on budget.

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Condition Assessment

At Applied Roofing Science, we’re good at playing detective and uncovering all the facts. No roof can hide its secrets once we’ve completed our investigation! Our full roof condition assessment offers a comprehensive report based on core samples and a review of the attic and structural roof deck.

An in-depth evaluation of the full roof assembly and adjoining building interfaces provides the answers strata corporations and property managers seek for budget planning. Don’t let your roofing problems remain a mystery!

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Design Services

Not to boast, but this is where Applied Roofing Science really gets to shine. Our sustainable designs don’t just satisfy the manufacturers’ warranty requirements and the BC Building Code; our designs constantly exceed expectations.

We possess an in-depth knowledge of building science and roof technology that enables us to create individual roof designs that will last a lifetime. We’ve covered a lot of ground, and a lot of roofs over the years. We understand what works.

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Project Management

We take our clients’ projects to heart and respond to project inquiries like we never sleep. Applied Roofing Science provides technical guidance to all involved parties throughout the entire duration of the project.

We assist in resolving any arising disputes or project changes, so you don’t have to. Clients sleep well knowing we’re overseeing things. Rest assured, we’re a dream to work with in all roofing matters.

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Leak Investigations

We get it; mysterious stains, dripping ceilings, and wet floors are scary, especially if you don’t know how to stop it! Equipped with modern instruments, Applied Roofing Science will precisely pinpoint the source of the leak in your building enclosure.  

Nothing is more rewarding to us than bringing relief to a concerned resident haunted by a roof leak, even if it means we have to get a little wet and muddy along the way. When it’s time to locate the source of your water damage, you know who to call.

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A modern commercial building with dark metal siding, white concrete accents and a flat roof on a urban street corner with parked cars and blossoming trees along the sidewalk.

We assure that your roof can stand the test of time.

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